Photography Projects

“I search for light and lines, then fearlessly explore the shadows”


“learning to love your imperfections, loving the imperfections of others and excepting the imperfect relationship.”

Seaing Perfectly Imperfect is a visual study of the human psyche interpreted through seashells and inviting the viewer to an open conversation about the nature of being uniquely human. Challenging what we perceive as inadequacies, weaknesses or flaws to be seen in a new light as authentic, courageous or perfectly imperfect.

I have always been an emotional photographer, releasing the shutter at the moments I feel the strongest pull. Since the conception of Seaing Perfectly Imperfect I have had to dig deeper into raw emotions, beyond my comfort zone. Any narrative I add comes from my own experience. They are not right nor wrong. They are apart of a larger discussion between individuals who genuinely want to gain an understanding of a diverse landscape of human emotions.

As a visual creative, I search for a tangible likeness to embody emotions. Seashells as the human emotions, light for gained knowledge and acceptance and the depth of the shadows as the journey traveled from the darkness or unknown.

Imposing Femininity

Artisans Select

“connect with the image and grow in self-love and or the love for our beautiful planet”

The images in Artisans’ Select moved me, either the experience in the capture or the reveal of the story that develops once the photograph is viewed on the big screen in the office. I share these with the desire that in some way somewhere someone will connect with the image and grow self-love and or the love for our beautiful planet as I have.

Cross My Heart

Mono Me

Black and white



Shooting Stars




Nature In Motion

Capturing lines of color, shape, and movement to create abstract images

Photography is an extension of my exploration of nature, an affair with the unpredictable and the need to delineate its allure. Capturing lines of color, shape, and movement to create abstract images that portray the entanglement of nature and movement.

The images are captured in camera, and with only minimum corrective post-processing, no programmed filters are used to imitate a style or technique.